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15 Reasons Why I Love to Travel

Growing up, traveling was something I always wanted to do. As an adult, I've been very fortunate to be able to visit places all over the United States, Antigua, and several places in Europe. (If you are interested in me writing a blog with a list of places I've been to, comment below! Maybe it can give you some ideas for your next trip!) Now that I have a family, it is my goal to be able to share my love of travel with them. There are so many reasons why traveling is wonderful; here are 15 reasons why I love it.

1. Experiencing other cultures

2. Enjoying the food!

3. Getting to know the people

4. Seeing historically important places

5. Being able to make memories

6. Opening my mind to different religions, traditions, and holidays

7. Bonding with my family and overcoming challenges that may arise together

8. Reflecting on my life and appreciating it

9. Getting to hear and try to speak other languages

10. I like flying in planes

11. Trying new things I probably wouldn't do at home

12. Beaches, beaches, beaches!

13. Being able to take great pictures of people and places

14. Just being able to get away from home for a while - a change of scenery is needed sometimes

15. Enjoying Mother Nature and all of the beauty in the world

Now that Ben is older, I am excited to begin planning some trips in the near future. And keep in mind that traveling doesn't have to be to far-off places. Even just taking a drive to a nearby city you have never been to can be exciting!


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