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25 Things to Do to Avoid Unnecessary Snacking

Unnecessary snacking can be a real downfall for a lot of people who struggle with weight or food addiction. This can hinder people from achieving their goals. For me, this happens most often when I am "bored" or doing something where [before my health epiphany] I would normally be eating something (like watching tv). So, to counteract snacking when I wasn't really hungry, I had to do things in place of eating. Here is my list of 25 things you can do to avoid unnecessary snacking:

1. Go for a walk

2. Paint your nails

3. Write a letter or email to a friend

4. Scroll through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

5. Search for things that interest you on Pinterest

6. Workout with body weight - there are great 20 min. workouts on YouTube!

7. Zumba - again, YouTube!

8. Organize your home - dresser, closet, playroom, etc.

9. Read a book

10. Text a friend, sibling, or parent

11. Write a blog post

12. Admire photos of you and your family

13. Listen to music

14. Do laundry - we all know that this task is never-ending

15. Clean your bathrooms

16. Take a nap

17. Write in a journal about your feelings, goals, etc.

18. Sit outside

19. Play with your kids

20. Finally do that DIY project you've been putting off

21. Window shop online or actually shop online (if your budget allows it)

22. Have tea, coffee, or water instead

23. Watch T.V./Netflix/Hulu, etc. - if you're able, do this in a room far away from the kitchen!!

24. Contemplate, draw, or list items you'd want for your dream home

25. Meditate


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