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7 Great Gift Ideas for 7 Year Old Girls

Recently my daughter celebrated her 7th birthday! Her party was Pinkalicious themed and she loved it (read about her awesome party here!)!

But, one of the really hard things for me was finding gift ideas for her! It seemed like every list I came upon was full of super expensive stuff like tablets/iPads, or things that seemed a bit too young for Lylah. So, I searched and searched Amazon for things that I thought she would like. Below is a list of 7 gifts that she loved!

*note: not all of the gifts were from us - most of them were from her grandparents, friends, and other family members, but recommended to them by me.* Links are affiliate.

1. V-Tech Karaoke Microphone

2. Make-up Set

3. Scented Bath Bombs

4. Crayola Color Bath Bombs -- some of the reviews claim that their child broke out in a rash from these; however, Lylah has used all of hers already and she nor her brother were dyed or effected with a rash. They both loved them a lot and that is why I am recommending them.

5. Spa Pedicure Set

6. Scented Marker and Case Set

7. Sequin Unicorn Journal


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