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A Legit Work From Home Job for Stay at Home Moms

I am a former music educator. I taught for almost 10 years. Specifically, I was a middle school choral director and I LOVED my job! When I say "middle school" people always are like "oh goodness, no! Bless your heart!" but I truly loved teaching that age group. They were fun and enthusiastic about learning music and singing! But in the later years of my career as an educator, I started to get bogged down in the 'politics' of education. I was a good teacher, but I constantly worried about evaluations. It seemed more and more was being added to my plate that had nothing to do with teaching chorus, music, or sometimes even the students. Long story short, I eventually became so overwhelmed and discouraged that I contemplated leaving the profession - and I did...sort of.

Randomly, about 2.5 years ago, my husband and I heard about VIPKID, Inc. This is an online teaching platform for native English speakers to teach English to Chinese students via webcam. It definitely sounded interesting and like something we would love to do. I mean, we could teach from the comfort of our own home! At first, when we looked into it we were both a bit skeptical - at the time, the company was based only in China - and we wondered 'was this legit?' (Since then, they have opened up offices around the US including one in San Francisco, CA.)

But we took a chance anyway and it turned out that this job is totally legit!! We teach English to students all the way in China via webcam on an online portal through VIPKid, Inc. We have been teaching with VIPKid for over 2 years now! There are SO many reasons why I love this job, but here are 9 of my main ones:

1. I get to work from home...in my comfy pants and slippers!

2. The company plans all of the lessons, lesson plans, objectives, teaching slides, etc for you. All I do is show up and teach (although, I tend to review the lessons prior to teaching them. My husband just goes in "blind" and still does well).

3. I make my own hours and schedule. And there is no minimum hours so if I don't want to work when I'm on vacation, I don't have to...

4. ...or I can work on vacation because I can teach from anywhere with awesome internet connection!

5. I can do this job while my children are sleeping, whether in the early morning or late night. So, I can do all the 'mom' things I've always wanted to do: stay home with my toddler, take and pick up my daughter from school, and stay caught up on the laundry (well, mostly!).

6. I get paid twice a month (earnings are based per class).

7. Classes are one-on-one and only 25 minutes long!

8. The kids are smart, work hard, and enthusiastic about learning.

9. I GET TO TEACH!! I get to just focus on teaching rather than all of the other junk that goes with it at 'brick and mortar' schools.

There are 3 requirements for you to be able to teach with VIPKid, Inc:

1. You must have a bachelors degree. This doesn't have to be in education. It can be in anything.

2. You have to have at least 1 year of teaching experience, but this can be ANY teaching experience: public/private school, homeschooling your own kids, daycare, etc.

3. You must be eligible to work in the United States or Canada.

If you meet these requirements and are interested in being a VIPKid teacher, too, sign up here. Then, email me at shannonwithvipkid@gmail.com and I will help coach you through the application/interview process! Hope to hear from you soon! Happy teaching!!

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