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A Pinkalicious Party!

This weekend my beautiful daughter turned 7 years old! I can't believe how fast time has gone! I feel like I just had her. (Read her birth story here.)

Every year we have a party for her birthday. In the past couple of years we have chosen to host her parties at our home. We think that this helps financially as a lot of places that host want upwards of $300 - and more often than not, that does not include party favors or a cake.

For this party, Lylah only wanted to invite 4 friends. Y'all - I am SO glad she made this choice on her own. It was the perfect number of kiddos for this party's activities and our not-so-huge- home (last year we hosted about 12 kids AND their parents...yikes).

Lylah gets to pick the theme of her parties and this year she chose "Pinkalicious!" If you are not familiar with the Pinkalicious books by Victoria Kann, they are a series of books about a girl who loves pink, unicorns, and friends. She is kind-hearted and creative. Lylah enjoys reading the books and now there is a Pinkalicious show on PBS kids she likes to watch.

I had to get a bit creative with this party in regards to decor because there are no Pinkalicious party decorations out there that I could find.

1) Invitations

I used Evite to send out the invitations. I love using Evite because it is environmentally friendly AND I feel like it is more convenient for parents since we are all very often on our phones or laptops. You can send the invite to an email or as a text. Evite also keeps track of your RSVPs, sends automatic reminders a day or two before the event, and has thank you e-cards you can personalize and send after the event.

Evite has a ton of free e-card templates to choose from and many of them allow you to upload your own picture.

2) Decorations

As I said earlier, I had to get a little creative since there aren't many Pinkalicious party decorations out there. So for this party we went pink, pink, pink! Most everything was a shade of pink. I also used a bit of unicorn and gold decor since Pinkalicious has an imaginary pet unicorn named Goldilicious. Also, I propped up several Pinkalicious books throughout the party areas. All of the decor came from the Dollar Tree and Amazon.

I found a Pinkalicious box set on Amazon that contained 3 books, dozens of stickers, crayons, and a color-a-poster (below) for about $12.00. I used the poster and books as decor and Lylah enjoys using the stickers when playing.

3) Food

In the original Pinkalicious book, Pinkalicious eats too many pink cupcakes and turns pink! To cure her "pinkititis," she has to eat green fruits and vegetables. The party was close to lunch time so I felt that we needed to provide more than just snacks. Chick-fil-A has nugget trays you can order that come with napkins, utensils, and a dipping sauce of your choice. We added fries to our order and that was "lunch." We also had several green fruits and vegetables along with popcorn, pink lemonade, and homemade pink cupcakes!

Green foods: celery sticks, apple slices, snap peas, grapes, broccoli.

4) Activities

The party was 2 hours and with a bunch of 6/7 year olds I felt that we needed to have at least a little bit of structure throughout the time. So, I planned a few activities.

As guests were arriving, they helped color the Pinkalicious poster and played outside. It turned out to be a beautiful day so I allowed the kiddos to play outside in the backyard for a bit. They also took their food outside to eat picnic style on their own which I loved!

Read Aloud: Since this party theme was based around the book, I took the time to read the original "Pinkalicious" to the girls. Some of them had heard it before, but they still loved hearing the story. Plus, this gave my husband time to get the paints ready for the next activity.

Canvas Painting: Then, we had canvases set up so the girls could paint. This was so fun and the kids loved it. I decided to tape stencils on the canvases so that the girls had a bit of direction on what to paint. This canvas was part of their party favor. Ponchos from the Dollar Tree worked great as painting smocks!

Birthday girl!

Lylah's painting. Hers smeared a bit, but some of the other ones turned out really awesome! I wish I had taken more pictures.

Magic Mind-Reading: My husband dabbles in magic a little bit and he has this really cool mind-reading trick. It is interactive and so the girls were able to participate in the magic. This also allowed me time to get the next activity setup. (If you don't have a free "magician" hanging around, you could have the children play in the playroom for a bit or play duck-duck goose on their own.)

Decorating Cupcakes: Each girl got their own pink cupcake and had frosting, sprinkles, and M&M's to decorate with. It seemed they really enjoyed this part, but I didn't allow them to eat their cupcakes! Instead, I put them in a clear party favor bag with their name and they took them home to eat at a later time. This was the second (and last) part of their party favor.

This is apparently super appetizing to a 7 year old! (Lylah's cupcake)

*Sidenote: I chose to have the canvas and cupcake be the party favors so that I wasn't spending money on lame fill-a-bag type items that they won't use and that will just create clutter in their homes. I mean, hello - I am all about decluttering and organizing - so this was a fantastic option. They can eat the cupcake when they want and they can hang their painting in their room/home.*

5) Cake

Lylah wanted a unicorn fro-yo cake from Menchie's. She got to pick her fro-yo flavors, cake flavor, and filling. It was $40. To me, that is A LOT for a cake. It turned out really pretty and was very tasty - but I don't think I will do that again.

Overall, this party was a huge hit with Lylah and the rest of the girls. I have received several emails from parents about how their daughter won't stop talking about it and how they have hung their painting already. I am so happy with everything!! And most importantly, Lylah had a fantastic time!

Want to throw your own Pinkalicious party? Links to items are below: (contains affiliate links)




Pinkalicious Book

Puff balls/Happy Birthday banner

Hanging door streamers - pack of 2

Pinkalicious box set

Pink sparkle table runner



Mini easels - pack of 6


Paint brushes - set of 25 in various sizes

Paint was borrowed from a friend who is an art teacher (but you can find paint at Hobby Lobby or Michael's)


Menchies Frozen Yogurt

Supplies (all from Dollar Tree)

Pink Plates

Table centerpiece

Pink tablecloths

Pink cups

Unicorn plates

Pink napkins

Pink streamers

Pink utensils


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