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Benjamin's Birth Story: May 26, 2017

We welcomed our son, Benjamin Jackson, to the world on May 26, 2017. 

Here is his birth story!

I scheduled my c-section for Benjamin for May 26. I would be 39 weeks at that point, but I honestly thought I would go into labor before then. I thought this because our daughter was born 10 days early from my water breaking during a rainstorm. With our son, we got through 3 major rainstorms in the last weeks of the third trimester without going into labor. I was shocked. So, on May 26 (with Lylah staying with my parents) we left the house at 4:45 am and headed for the hospital for our scheduled surgery to meet our baby boy.

As soon as we arrived to the hospital they started prepping me for surgery. They began prepping at 5:30am and I was headed to the OR by 7:30am. Things were very different for me this time around as compared to my daughter's birth. With her, I labored for 17 hours, had an epidural, and ended up with a c-section. This time I was actually able to walk on my own into the OR and received my spinal in that room. I really liked the spinal much more than the epidural- they both hurt when they happened but the spinal numbed so much faster and only lasted about 3-4 hours. SO much better. They began the section and our baby boy was born at 8:05 am. He was delivered by Dr. Clayton Cox. He was healthy and his Apgar scores were 8 and 9. I was able to hold him a little in the OR and was thankful that Matt was able to be with me again for the delivery. He even was able to take pictures of Ben as soon as he was delivered! I cried happy tears and we were so happy to say 'welcome to the world, Benjamin Jackson!'

Benjamin Jackson Green - 8 lbs 14 oz; 21 inches (Lylah named her brother's middle name so it is special to us - she came up with Jackson all on her own)

May 26, 2017 @ 8:05 am

They took Benjamin away with Matt back to our LDRP room while they closed me up so when I was back in the room, they were already there. We spent time with Benjamin and held him. We did some skin-to-skin which I loved!

After about an hour, the pediatric nurse came in to let us know that Ben's blood sugar was low and we needed to monitor it closely. Then, because Ben had aspirated amniotic fluid, he spit it up and it contained some blood. After monitoring, the nurse said his sugars were not getting any better and that he was also having issues with circulation to his hands and feet. So, after about two hours from him being born, the nurses took Benjamin to the NICU. Ben had several issues while he was in the NICU: heart murmur, respiratory issues, low blood sugar, circulation issues, and jaundice.

My poor baby with all of his tubes and wires.

As if my baby being in NICU wasn't worrisome enough, about 30 minutes after they took Ben to the NICU, I began hemorrhaging very badly. There were about 5 nurses and Dr. Cox in my room at once. They put my bed all the way down and the doctor began massaging my uterus to try to get it to begin contracting (which would help the blood to begin clotting), but it wasn't working. He was massaging for what seemed like forever and I was thankful that the spinal hadn't stopped working yet because it would have been really painful. I happened to be able to see the reflection of what was happening in the lights above me and I could see how much blood I was losing. It was very scary, but I was able to remain calm and knew that the doctor and nurses were there to help me. Matt was in the room, too, and he was able to stay calm also. Matt did come over at one point to hold my hand and tell me everything was going to be ok. He told me later that he knew it was bad when they rolled me over at one point and blood spilled over the side of my bed. Scary.

After what seemed like forever, the bleeding still wouldn't stop so the doctor gave me two different medicines and some pitocin to try to get the bleeding to stop and to get my uterus to start contracting. After the medicine was administered, my doctor told me that if the bleeding didn't stop, I would need a blood transfusion AND he would have to do surgery again. He said worse case scenario is that he has to take my uterus out (what?!). Eventually, the bleeding did let up a little bit, but it took days to get a lot better and everyone was still in watch and wait mode for a while. Luckily, I did not have to get a transfusion or have extra surgery. But, I was not able to get up out of bed at all. Which means I was not able to go see Benjamin in the NICU. Matthew was awesome and took pictures and videos while he was there so I could watch those.

Before I was able to let my family know what was going on, my parents and Lylah showed up to meet Benjamin. I had been so excited for Lylah to meet her baby brother and I had this idea and image in my head of how it was going to be. Unfortunately, it was not that way at all because other children are not allowed in the NICU. Lylah told me that she really wanted to meet Ben and that she missed me being at home. Sad. My mom and dad were able to see Ben, though, and that was nice.

Benjamin's stay in the NICU turned from 1 day into 5 days because of all of the complications and needed monitoring. The NICU nurses were AMAZING and took very good care of him. After a couple of days, I was healthy enough to be allowed to visit him via wheelchair. We could visit anytime we wanted for however long we wanted. I am so thankful that we had such amazing nurses to take care of me and Benjamin.

Me visiting with Benjamin (finally!) in my wheelchair.

Matthew with Benjamin in the NICU.

I was officially discharged on May 29, but Benjamin was still in the NICU. He was doing SO much better and we hoped to get to take him home soon. It was very weird leaving the hospital for home without our baby boy with us. Ben was discharged in the late evening on May 30 and we finally were able to take him home!!

Ben's going home outfit was his hospital hat, onesie that said "little brother," and booties with sheep on them (the booties were used to tell Matthew I was pregnant with Ben).

This whole experience was very different than with Lylah, but I still had the wonderful support of my husband and family. It was nice this time around to deliver in Georgia with my family nearby! I am so grateful to the nurses and doctors who took care of me and Benjamin. My little family of 4 is my everything.

More pictures:

Benjamin with his nametag.

Me right before I hemorrhaged.

Lylah came to visit everyday even though she couldn't meet Benjamin yet. She thought the hospital bed was super cool because it moved up and down!

Lylah meeting Benjamin for the first time!!

Daddy and Son

Mommy and Son

Lylah reading to her brother.

Sweet baby boy

One of my favorite pictures.

Lylah is so happy to be a big sister!

Our first picture as a family of four!


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