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Crated With Love Date-box: perfect for busy couples!

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

For Christmas, my sister and brother-in-law got Matthew and me a three-month subscription to Crated With Love dateboxes! This was such a fantastic gift because we don't get to go out much with two little kiddos; so having an at-home date night that didn't include Chinese food and Netflix was a breath of fresh air!

We received our first date box a couple of days ago and waited until the weekend to use it. Upon receiving it my first impression was that it was a lot smaller than I'd imagined it to be. I guess in my head I had pictured an actual crate of stuff so I was surprised that it was small enough to fit in our mailbox. That being said, I was not at all disappointed with the date box once we opened it and began our adventure!

We received the "Our Sweetheart Safari" date box. You can see the unboxing of each item in this video:

Y'all - it was such a super cute date night idea. It didn't take more than an hour to "play" so it was perfect for us since we both get up early to teach with VIPKID. We put the kids to bed and then began "our sweetheart safari." If you wanted to make it a longer date night, you could very easily have dinner, do the Crated With Love box, and then watch a movie together. Maybe we will do that with the next date box!

What I LOVE about Crated With Love:

There are so many reasons I loved this box, but probably my biggest reason was that it focused on strengthening our relationship. Matt and I have a strong relationship already but we both believe that there is always something that can be improved. It challenged us to reflect on our time together last year and helped us to set SMART goals for creating an even stronger bond.

Another thing I loved was that it was such an original idea. The games were adorable and the safari jungle theme had us finishing sentences like "Our love is like a jungle because..." There was also a time when we had to give each other compliments and say something that we loved about the other person. Even though we both know that we are loved, it was wonderful to hear positive things out loud.

A third reason why this box was great was because we both got to voice our opinions on what we think makes a strong relationship. Even after 16 years with Matt, I was able to learn new things about him.

One thing I will say about the date box was that at times it felt a little cheesy. For example, there were times when we had to give each other a "wild safari kiss" and choose a picture from a Google search that "described" your mate. It was kind of silly, but it was something we wouldn't have done otherwise if we didn't have the box. So, if you can buy into the cheese and be a little goofy with your mate, you'll laugh and have a good time!

My Crated With Love Video Review:

I definitely recommend Crated With Love Date Boxes for couples of any age. These work especially well for parents with young children who don't get to get out for date nights very often; but they also would work as an alternative date night for those who do still get to go out or don't have kiddos! I am excited to get our next box in February! You can find out more and order your box here! Happy dating! :-)

The flower I chose to describe Matt.

The butterfly Matt chose to describe me.

The animal I chose to describe Matt. Hahaha!

Matt being the animal I chose for him!

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