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Eat Your Heart Out, Marie Kondo!

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

As an adult, I have always felt peace and joy through organization and efficiency. Honestly, I get a little anxious and irritated when people, things, businesses, etc. are not organized and efficient. Of course, I am understanding of mess when there are little kids around (my playroom is only clean at night and when company comes over!), but overall, I appreciate the effort of tidying up.

I have 2 children who are constantly making messes. And sometimes I asked myself "what is the point of cleaning?!" But my answer is always the same and it is two-fold: 1) Think of how much of a mess it would be if we NEVER cleaned? and 2) Cleanliness and organization brings me joy. Just to be clear - I used the word "joy" way before Marie Kondo ever did!!

Speaking of Ms. Kondo, I have been enjoying her new Netflix series "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo." To me, it is not so much a makeover show as it is the teaching of how to be more organized and the importance of being organized. To me, being organized not only makes your home feel peaceful, but it also makes it so much easier to find things - its efficient! (Sidenote: even though my home is [mostly] organized, my husband and children STILL ask me where things are...ugh.)

Although my home has been organized prior to the KonMari method, I did take away some new ways to tidy up around my home. Here they are:

1. Folding - I now fold the majority of my dresser clothes into tiny rectangles and stand them upright in the drawers. This does take a little more time to do, but my drawers look amazing and I can see all of the clothes I have and choose more quickly. (I DO NOT do this for clothing other than my own. I will wash, dry, and neatly set out the laundry of my family, but I will not make them into rectangles. If they choose to do this, they can. I'll just leave it on their bed or dresser for them to deal with.)

2. Rolling - I redid my linen closet and now all of our towels are rolled. This makes them easier to store and find, and I feel a sense of joy upon opening the closet because it is so neat.

I'm sure MK could roll them tighter, but they still "spark joy" in me! ;-)

3. Putting things in containers. Y'all - things look so much better when they are contained! Our game bookshelf looks so much better since I added baskets to it. The dollar store is a girl-on-a-budget's best friend!

4. Organizing the kitchen - Well, I didn't organize my entire kitchen, but I do keep my pantry fairly organized. This makes it easy to find items when I'm cooking dinner in a hurry. Also, my daughter can easily find her own snacks. Again, I used containers to hold smaller items like granola bars and napkins.

5. Getting rid of things that do not "spark joy." - This is something I have done in the past, but I never attributed joy to the items I chose to keep. So I am actually in the midst of doing this again and using 'joy' to help make decisions. Because I am still working on this there is no end result yet, but I can only imagine what my closet and the kid's playroom will look like upon finishing! Can you say "no more clutter?!"

Here is a tip from me: if you are in need of good clothes or want to redecorate your home - now is the time to go to the Goodwill or Salvation Army. I am willing to bet they have some amazing items now!! That being said, declutter your home FIRST, then make a trip to the donation stores. That way, you aren't becoming a day-by-day hoarder.

Also, if you celebrate Christmas with little ones, stock up on those donated toys now for cheap! ;-)

Organization can bring more peace and joy to a home


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