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How to Make Home Your Happy Place: Comfort for All (A Blog Series)

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Home is not just a shelter. It is a place of safety and comfort. And this comfort is important for all of the members of the family. As I was doing this project of organizing my home, I made decisions around the house on the basis of comfort. I, of course, want to feel comfortable in my happy place since it is where I spend the majority of my time - working, being a homemaker and mom, etc. But also it is important to me that my kids and husband feel happy and peaceful when they are home. Just because I am the one who spends the majority of my time at home while they are at work and school doesn't mean that the home becomes all about me.

So, I ensured that there are places in the home that are comfortable for everyone. Again, I went room by room brainstorming and then creating happy, peaceful places for all of us. Comfort at home is important in creating happiness because it makes people feel safe, secure, and at peace. If my family was constantly coming home to an unorganized, haphazard home, they would feel stressed and anxiety-ridden. Because this was my idea and my project, I felt that it was my responsibility to create these spaces for my family. Remember, change starts with me.

For Lylah: Lylah's bedroom is a unicorn haven. She loves unicorns, mermaids, and fairies and her favorite colors are pink, purple, and red. So, I decorated her room with those colors and some special unicorn items to make it her happy place! Also, right now, we allow Lylah to draw on her walls. There are SO many parents that disagree with this (believe me, I've been told to my face that I'm crazy for allowing it), but Matt and I feel that allowing her to do this promotes creativity, individuality, and ownership. This is HER room so she can decorate it as she pleases. She also has a bookshelf full of books, and a few of her toys such as a Frozen Castle and a Vampirina Playhouse.

Lylah also has her desk space downstairs where she can do arts and crafts or homework. Because this desk is in a shared space, we have rules about keeping the desk looking nice, tidy, and organized. Even still, she is able to create and be happy in the space.

For Ben: Ben's bedroom is mostly used for naps and sleep, but sometimes we go upstairs to play. He has a small toy-box of toys he can play with and he, like Lylah, has a bookshelf full of books. (We read A LOT around here!) His room is decorated with jungle animals, has a mural painted by Matt, and has a very comfortable rocking chair. As Ben gets older, he will be able to pick what he would like in his room. But for now, we get to choose.

Ben also has a desk downstairs, but he is too young to use it right now. Instead, Ben spends most of his time in the playroom. The playroom is a shared space with his sister. The toys, stuffed animals, and puzzles promote creative play and independent time and Ben absolutely enjoys being able to play in a free, open space.

For Both of the Kids: Not only do we have the playroom for the kiddos, but we also have a fenced backyard. We love that on beautiful Georgia days, the kids can go play in the backyard together. And because it is fenced, Matt and I can rest assured that the kids are safe and happy.

For Matt: It is important to Matt to have spaces around the home that are comfortable for meditation. Often times, he uses the family room to meditate before the kids wake in the morning. The family room has comfortable couches and pillows and it has very minimal decor and no kid stuff.

Our bedroom also is a comfortable place. We recently purchased a Temperpedic Mattress Topper that is SO comfortable (seriously, it makes it really hard to get out of bed in the morning) and we have a great quilt and many pillows. Our room is decorated with pictures of us and a couple of the kids. It is a place where Matt can be alone to rest, meditate, and work. But it is also a place where we have time to ourselves just us. We do our Crated With Love date boxes in our room. We have our Chinese and Netflix date nights in our room.

For Me: Most of the time, I spend my time in the family room or in my office. My office is my own space and it is decorated how I want it. It is where I keep my vision board and quotes for motivation. It is my space. And I love it.

The family room is also decorated to my liking and I love my chair and a half! Sitting in my chair and a half is usually where I do my blogging - it's where I am sitting as I write this one!

Ultimately, our home is made for us. We each have our own spaces, but we also have shared spaces that are important for quality family time. The kitchen, for example, is a great family space because it is where we can cook and bake together. And it is where we have all of our family meals. Family meals are a priority in our home and they will continue to be even as the kids grow older and become more involved in extra-curricular activities. If you do not do at least 3 family meals (without electronics!!), I highly recommend it.

Having a comfortable home for my family also helps to foster positive relationships. My family feels safe and this safe environment helps all of us to better communicate and understand feelings. It helps us to learn from our mistakes with an open mind because we are comfortable and not bogged down with the stress of feeling messy or unorganized. Matt and I run a home full of love, communication, open minds, and teachable moments. My children will grow up with memories of our home being a place of warmth and kindness. And my home being a comfort to all plays a major role in that. As Jane Austen said "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."


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