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How to Make Home Your Happy Place: Organization! (A Blog Series)

To read previous posts in this series, see Part 1: Home and Part 1: Declutter and Donate.


After I decluttered each room and donated/trashed items I no longer needed or wanted, it was time to organize! Organizing is seriously one of my FAVORITE things to do! I've even thought about becoming one of those professional organizer people that go people's homes and help them organize their stuff. That would be such a fun job! So, needlesstosay, I really, really enjoyed this part. And afterwards, I felt so happy and relaxed because everything had place; everything had a purpose. There was nothing left that didn't bring joy to someone in our family.

As mentioned in my previous post, I went through each room in our home and decluttered/donated. With organizing, I pretty much did the same thing. I finished one room and then moved on to another. Doing this helped me to not feel overwhelmed by the process. Once a room was organized, it brought me so much happiness that it motivated me to continue to the next rooms. Honestly, because organizing is something I enjoy doing, it didn't take too much motivation to get me going on this project; but for some, I know this can be a hassle. So, take one room at a time.

I recently read (skimmed) an article about how clutter and mess actually creates stress and anxiety for people. Even those that say they are "ok with the mess" can be affected by underlying anxiety brought on from the mess they are "ok" with! The mind functions better in a clean, tidy space. So, you're more likely to be a less stressed and more efficient employee if your desk/office is organized.

This can be the same at home. For most of us, we feel stressed or overwhelmed with our jobs, our kids, our never-ending to-do lists. But having an organized home can help with that stress. I am in no way saying that having an organized home makes me happy and bubbly all the time - I, too, have overwhelming kids and never-ending to-do lists - but it definitely makes home a place I love. It makes my home a place where I feel happy, even when I am overwhelmed. Home is my happy place - and it being organized helps it to be this for me.

So, how do I organize? When trying to be more organized, I find that ensuring that everything has its own space, place, and purpose is essential. Using small containers, baskets, etc to hold similar, smaller items can help, too. I put similar items together or near each other and I place items that we use less often further back in the closet or higher on a shelf. For paperwork, I use binders and folders and I store them upright with the spines facing out for easier access. I store SUPER important paperwork in a fireproof safe. If I find that - even after organizing - a space still looks cluttered, I try to see what more I can get rid of or I brainstorm if there is a better way for me to store those items (plastic ziplock bags are super handy!).

Below are the pictures of my home after organizing. I hope they will help bring you some ideas on storage and organization so that you can better love your home. :-)

Playroom: I use a lot of shelving and containers to help with storage in the playroom. The primary colored table lid can be flipped for Legos or for drawing...and inside there is storage space!! (technically, this space is supposed to be used for water table play, but I am not taking this outside.)

I found the white corner shelf at Goodwill. I repainted it and it works wonders for storing more misc. toys!

The white shelves are from Target. I think their height is great for kids.

My husband drew the picture of Ariel! :-)

As the kids grow older, we will go through the toys, etc again and donate more items. I am trying to savor the playroom because I know that eventually the kids will be grown enough to not need it anymore. (insert crying mommy emoji here!!)

Great Room: The great room was hard to decide what to do with. I really didn't want to make it one of those living rooms that no one ever uses so I decided to make it functional for the kiddos. It is kind of an extension of the playroom, but as the kids grow I intend for the bookshelf space to become a reading "corner." I LOVE the rug for this space, too! (You can find it here.) Eventually, I would like to get a comfy couch or chair and a half for the space, too. I also still need to get the walls painted, but this is all pretty ok for now! :-)

View from the front door.

View from the playroom. The white bench on the left is another random find that I repainted. The tall bookshelf was free on Facebook Market.

The yellow, red, and blue square is a gymnastics wedge mat. It opens up. Lylah loves using it for her acrobatics class and Ben likes to use it as an indoor slide. You can find it here.)

Two desks, one for each kiddo. Lylah uses hers all the time for homework and arts/crafts. Ben is still too little to use his, but I wanted to complete the space. Desks are from Walmart. Chairs are from Ikea.

Family Room: This is my favorite room in the whole house. There isn't a lot in this room and I think that is what I like about it. Nothing to store; not a lot of knick-knacks. Just meaningful items in a cozy room. Chair, ottoman, couch, and pillows are from RoomsToGo. Home sign is from Hobby Lobby. Rug is from Amazon - you can find it here.

Kitchen: Mostly organized everything. I didn't donate or trash a lot.

LOVE my pull out cabinet drawers!

The junk drawer all nice and organized!

Pantry. My fridge is also organized, but I forgot to take a picture.

Lylah's Room: We donated a lot of things from Lylah's room like toys and books. She helped me with most of it. I like that she takes ownership of her room. Also, we allow Lylah to draw on her walls. We think that because this is her room, she can have it however she wants. That being said, she recently told me that she no longer wants this but instead wants to paint the walls pink and have a big white board. But she still wants to keep the unicorn lights! (you can find them here.)

**Ben's room was already organized and tidy so I didn't do anything to his room... = no pictures.**

The giant unicorn is a Goodwill find!

Our Bedroom and Closet: When there aren't baskets of clean laundry waiting to be folded all around my room, it is a pretty cozy place to be. I recently purchased the quilt and sham set and matching bedskirt as our old one was torn and stained from our late dog Nara. I also donated some clothes and organized all of the kid's memories into their own bins (I'll do a post about those in the future!). Our room is mostly completed, but I still want to have it painted. I really don't like beige walls.

My dresser

Matt's dresser.

I found this cute butterfly scarf holder at a Hallmark store a long time ago. I just couldn't part with any scarves!

And that's it! I'm not going to lie - organizing every room took A LOT of time. But in the end it was totally worth it because it makes me happy! Just one more thing to enjoy about my home. Now we have to keep it this way!! ;-)

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