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My kid cut her hair! 5 reasons why this is a good thing.

5 Reasons Why My 5 Year Old Cutting Her Own Hair is a Positive Thing

It's a new year and, for most people, that comes with resolutions. For me, one of my resolutions is to [try] to be more positive. Positive about my kids, my husband, and really life in general. The world needs more happiness and this is my "contribution."

It is day 7 of 2018 and I have been pretty good about being happy and positive. There are still times when I get overwhelmed and probably have a look on my face that says "stay away from mommy!" but overall, it's been a positive week.

However (you knew that was coming, right?!), this morning my new year's resolution was tested to the extreme. As I was downstairs taking care of my 7 month old, my 5 (almost 6) year old daughter was upstairs playing. She got some kid-friendly make-up from Santa for Christmas and was doing her makeup on her own in my bathroom mirror. This has been done several times since Christmas and I did not worry about it. ...And then she came downstairs. My beautiful, gorgeous daughter had cut her own hair - bangs to be exact - and it was a ridiculous amount of short. It did not look good. How did I react? I took a very deep breath and said "oh my! Did you cut your bangs?" in a surprised happy voice. She just stood there trying to gauge my reaction - probably waiting for me to get angry at her. She knew she wasn't supposed to do that on her own. She said "are you mad at me?" and I, remembering my resolution, told her that I was not mad at all. That I was just super surprised to see her bangs that short. She said that she liked them.

So, after much thought - and many comments from friends on Facebook (because, of course, I had to post this ridiculous life moment) - I have come up with 5 reasons why this is a positive thing. Here goes:

1) My daughter said she was having trouble seeing because her bangs were too long. So, she cut them. Therefore, she is a problem-solver!

2) I knew her bangs were too long, but I was having trouble finding the time (and remembering) to cut them myself. So, she cut them. Therefore, she is great at taking initiative to get the job done! She is proactive.

3) When I asked her if she liked her new bangs, she said "yes! They are pretty." My daughter is a confident, courageous, independent girl who marches to the beat of her own drum...and honestly doesn't GAF what other people think!

4) My daughter did not cut any part of her body or anything else other than her bangs with those scissors. And she put them back in the drawer. And put the cut hair in the trashcan. My girl is an intelligent, careful thinker! (and maybe even clever!)

5) When I asked my daughter if she cut her hair, she did not hesitate with telling me that she did (I mean, I guess there was really no way to lie because the evidence was RIGHT THERE). But, she did not try to lie, give a crazy excuse, or hide in a closet. She came straight downstairs and "faced the music"...er...mommy. My girl is honest and truthful.

This small moment in our lives has helped me to see more of the amazing qualities my daughter possesses. I always knew (and know) how awesome she is, but having this happen made me truly see all of her good character traits. And she helped me achieve my resolution to see the positive in even the craziest of moments. :-)


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